Book Cover Art  &  Graphic Design
Print cover Design

Planning on Printing Your Book? We can help you! We offer an upgrade with our designs packages (premade, custom & exclusive) to our clients so you don't have to face the worry of spine width and bleeds, and wasting precious time and dollars on getting it right. The cost of a full wrap print cover is the same as the price of the eCover you purchased. So for instance, when you pay $75 for a pre-designed cover, the full wrap will be an additional $75. Both eCover & Fullwrap for $150. 

You can view the many fullwrap covers we've designed below gallery to get a sense of what goes into our process. We believe in making the back cover of your book as appealing as the front. Please let us know if you have any questions using the Contact Form below. 

What will you need to provide?

  • Info already provided for the front cover,
  • Book Summary/Description,
  • Author Website or Landing Page url, 
  • Author Bio (including pic or logo),
  • QR Code jpg (if you use one), 
  • Which printer you will be using (i.e. Createspace, Lulu, etc). We'll download the printing template from the printer based on the information you provide (size of your book, number of pages and the paper color (cream or white).  

What will you receive?

  • A pdf file of the full wrap to submit to your printer, 
  • A jpg of your full wrap in case you wanted to share with your readers.  If you need a specific size for whatever reason, just let us know. We can easily provide you with that at no additional fee.